Watch Waves at Sherman Oaks Film Festival’s virtual screenings, November 19th-28th

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This VOD page brings you Virtual Exclusives as well as many of the films that screened at the theater. Each screening is $5 or for $25 you can watch EVERYTHING. That includes 26 films that are Virtual Exclusives and 61 films that screened at the theater! Did you do the math? That’s 87 films with a total running time over 33 hours for $25!

There’s also a pre-recorded Q&A I had with their programmer Jeff Howard, following my film.

  • Duration: 1:04:54

Drama – Waves with Q&A

Short Film – Drama – 18 minutes

In the middle of the COVID-19 lockdown, asylum seeker Leyla meets Stig, a delivery guy, an encounter that could change both their lives.

Director(s): Camilla Roman
Writer(s): Camilla Roman
Producer(s): Liew Ceng Teng, Camilla Roman
Key Cast: Tonje Thwin, Eric Vorenholt

Los Angeles Premiere!

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