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I’m currently in pre production with my BA film, Forties (Førtiser) – a Romantic Comedy, to get my Bachelor’s degree in directing. Filming starts March 17.

Susanne (42) owns a little shop in Oslo’s Grünerløkka, and is perfectly happy being single. When her ex-husband is getting married, both Susanne and her mom are invited to the wedding, and everything becomes very chaotic. Is this what Susanne needs to open up to love again?

I’ve written the script, and producing with Erik Morales Waage. I will also play the part of Susanne, and I’m super proud of the rest of my cast: Anette Hoff, Øyvind Efraimsen, Eric Vorenholt, Oddun Valestrand, Lillibeth Lunde, Erle Bjørnstad and Natassia Malthe. Director of photography is Marius Bjellebø, who also was DoP on my last film, Waves (Bølgeblikk).

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Photos from our Valentine’s Day table read.

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